• Disrupt or Decay: 5 Natural Forces Shaping Brand

    I was recently honored to be hosted by fassforward Consulting Group to conduct a webcast called “Disrupt or Decay”. In the webinar, I spoke about five “natural forces” that are shaping today’s brands. These natural forces are occurring all around

  • 10 Tough Leadership Questions To Think Through

    If you’re like most leaders, you’re already frantically focused on kicking off your leadership plan. You’re also probably suffering from New Year Leadership Tunnel Vision Syndrome. One major symptom of New Year Leadership Tunnel Vision Syndrome is when leaders forge

  • Blurring the lines between leadership, culture & innovation

    This post is part of our Future of Marketing program – a series of private events where top thought-leaders share their ideas and insights on helping you understand how marketing and branding change the conversations about growth, culture and customer

  • Turn your mission statement into MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

    Last month, I conducted a webinar on three of the most important lessons companies can learn from Ford’s epic turnaround. During that session, I got a number of great questions from the participants. One of the best was this: How important is

  • The Boss

    Saturday night, as I was surfing through channels after a long day, I landed on the 2014 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. The music was amazing and the trip down memory lane moving. What was unexpected, however,

  • Leadership lessons from Mom

    Those of you who know my work know that I am passionate about helping leaders change minds and deal with change in their own organizations. Change is not easy. It’s often quite hard. But last night my mother taught me

  • The golden nugget of conversation

    Initiating a tough conversation on a controversial topic is arguably a most difficult and draining responsibility. Most people, leaders and teammates alike, dread these discussions so they take the easy way out. They instead, as Rose Fass so graphically writes

  • How to Become Irrelevant

    Obviously, you don’t want to, but (surprisingly) you could be taking steps to make sure it happens. Many times over I’ve talked about being Addicted to Relevance. But have you ever thought of the steps you’re taking to become irrelevant?

  • GM Puts a Woman in the Driver’s Seat

    Boys love their cars. Going back as far as I can remember so many of them loved naming their cars, trucks and tractors after women. Heck, even Grandpa fondly called his ride Old Betty, Betsy, Bess or Bertha. Stephen King

  • Season’s Tweetings ‘The Chocolate Conversation’ Book Giveaway

    What one word do you think of when you hear ‘Chocolate’? Tweet it to @RoseFass with #ChocolateConversation!   1st 5 Tweeters WIN: A signed copy of The Chocolate Conversation: Lead Bittersweet Change, Transform Your Business. 2nd 5 Tweeters WIN: A

  • A Leadership Tribute to Nelson Mandela

    Nelson Mandela will be remembered for many things. He was a President, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, an Anti-Apartheid Revolutionary, a Freedom Fighter who spent 27 years in prison for protesting human rights abuses, a Hero and a Philanthropist who

  • Are You Running a Business…or Playing Office?

    As children, we all play games like Doctor. You “diagnosed” friends, prescribed “medications,” and when necessary, performed “surgery.” Hopefully, you never lost a patient. You most likely also played Cops, Lawyers, Superstar Athletes and a host of other occupatio

  • The Secret to Growth: Create the Space to Lead

    Being a business leader has become an all-work-all-the-time commitment. Full calendars, on call 24/7, endless emails, texts, voicemails and a relentlessly ringing cell phone are just the tip of your weekly iceberg. Only you’re the one heading for a meltdown.

  • Coke Makes a Classic Mistake

    In 1985, The Coca-Cola Company decided to do something it hadn’t done for 99 years. They changed the formula for Coke. But it wasn’t just Coke, it was the most popular soft drink in the entire world…and a ballistic backlash

  • Where do true leaders dare to go?

    Everyone seems to know where NOT to go. “Don’t go there” is one of the oldest and most overused expressions of all time. Then, there’s the more contemporary version — “Don’t even go there.” Not to mention, “Don’t go there