Estée Lauder

Unclogging Estee Lauder’s

Patent Pipeline.

Internal barriers between different groups had to be broken down before fassforward could help Estee Lauder discover the beauty of driving change to innovate and launch products more efficiently. Patents tripled in three months.

Verizon Wireless

Reconnecting Verizon

with Customers.

When call center customers felt they weren’t being heard, fassforward unlocked customer performance by building customer-facing skills at contact points that changed the conversation. Retention levels and NPS both shot up.


Unleashing Draftfcb’s

Global Power.

After Draft and FCB merged, fassforward fueled the transformation, codifying the new agency’s combined core competencies and rolling out workshops across six continents to strengthen its global capabilities. Described by Adweek as “The only merger that ever worked.”


Facing New Realities with Interpublic Group. 

As digital, new media and financial pressures changed the face of the advertising industry, fassforward clearly and creatively communicated a solution for IPG. Defining the New Realities of Marketing and insights added value that crossed agency lines helped agencies become more competitive.



Helping MasterCard Charge On.

Creation of a change management and leadership planning strategy that got bankers and consultants constructively collaborating is how fassforward defined MasterCard’s competitive differentiation for its new financial services consultancy.


Giving Microsoft More

Vertical Lift.

Sessions with Microsoft’s Financial Vertical leadership team led to a compelling vision for countering slow desktop business growth. The end result was a practical, useful and sustainable strategic plan that sparked new growth opportunities while transforming Microsoft from a pure commodity play desktop supplier into a relevant business partner.

What we do for you



Change the customer experience and unlock customer performance.

Rules and regulations won’t ward off bad customer experiences. They can also unintentionally transform your employees into robots rather than revenue generators. Help your customer-facing frontline employees eliminate bad habits and secure more predictable customer performance outcomes with tools and techniques from fassforward.

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Turn your leaders into real difference makers who lead change.

Strong leaders aren’t born, they are created. fassforward can help you develop a practical leadership plan that puts visions into context, makes strategies actionable and aligns people. Why settle for leaders who simply steer the ship when you can have leadership that drives change and keeps your company relevant?

Lead On...



Cure your painful PowerPoint, tired messaging and lifeless infographics.

Is PowerPoint running or ruining your company? Slideware and presentations shouldn’t put people to sleep. When you need to impress the Board, motivate employees, emotionally connect with customers and move people to action, bring in fassforward to remove the mess from your messaging.

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What we Think

UnCustomery Experience

An employee arguing with customers is a big no-no in customer service for any industry. There will always be customers who are rude, unreasonable, irrational, ungrateful or ju

Lead Bitter-Sweet Change

As this year concludes, another chapter in your leadership legacy also closes. If you’re like most leaders, you are already frantically focused on kicking off your leadershi

Make a Powerful Point

The way we’ve learned to communicate is wrong. Denizens of business, deep in the world of operations reviews, presentations and pitches, are communicating past each othe


Inside fassforward

Transforming a company’s vision into reality starts with transparency. You’ll find no walls between us in our office. It’s an open environment with open communications for building open relationships. Other strategy and communications consulting firms can go bang their heads against the walls. Breaking down barriers for clients is where our heads are at.

It Can Be Done. The know-how behind fassforward’s credo is also your catalyst for change. A binder full of strategic planning may work in theory, but not in practice. So what happens when strategies, visions, projects, sales and even entire divisions stall? Shifting mindsets, behaviors and practices is how fassforward will uncover what makes your company—and people—perform. Learn more about how It Can Be Done.

Let’s Get It Done. Schedule a time to drop by or call. Contact Maria Zorzos, Chief Growth Officer, at 914.738.7200.

This is who you work with.

Rose Fass Rose Rose Fass


Entrepreneur | CEO | Author | Change Agent | Human Engineer and Storyteller

Likes expensive jewelery

Gavin McMahon Gavin Gavin McMahon


Lapsed Engineer | Visual Thinker | Business Strategist | PowerPoint Obsessive

He looks like this picture, but his head is still on his shoulders

Andreas Pichaeli Andreas Andreas Pichaeli


PowerPoint Lover | Animation Expert | After Effects Manipulator | Sound mixer

Freuqint mis-spellr

Brandon Brandon Chin


Classical Artist | Digital Designer | Cartoonist & Illustrator | Visual Communicator

Loves running in the rain, boxing and cars.


Frank Mazza Frank Frank Mazza


Business Transformation Consultant | Master Facilitator | Strategic Leadership Coach | Builder of Performance Cultures

When not working, can be found on a golf course

Jess Jess Gozur


Company Voice | Social Mediaist | Book Peddler | Relationship Enthusiast

Avid Steelers fan

Jill Vander Putten Jill Jill Vander Putten


Master Facilitator | Leadership Coach | Customer Experience Advocate

Currently working on her next novel

Maria Zorzos Maria Maria Zorzos


Business Developer | Process Afficianado | Lover of Structure | People Manager

If push comes to shove, I will be behind you

Mary Kinney Mary Mary Kinney


Client Services | Logistics Guru | Calendar Master | Creative Scheduler

Jack of all trades and DIY enthusiast

Sally Zita Sally Sally Zita


Teacher | Shrewd Negotiator | Reality Maven | Contracts Wiz

I-dotter and T-crosser

Tara Tara Paluck


Customer Experience | Researcher | Learning Design | Employee Advocate

Portland is like Portlandia, really

Zach Fass Zach Zach Fass


Project Herder | Problem Solver | Lean enthusiast | MINI Driver

If I can’t do it, there MAY be a strong possibility it can’t be done

Amanda Lyons Amanda Amanda Lyons


Visual Educator/Facilitator | Graphic recorder | Change-maker | Artist

Addicted to learning & traveling.

Kathrine Flores Katherine Kathrine Flores


Illustrator | Visual Storyteller | Color Enthusiast | Traditional + Digital Drawer + Painter


Larry Larry Gotterer


Creative Strategizer | Idea Conceptualizer | Messaging Verbalizer | Copy Customizer

Enjoys activities that involve sweating

Maxim Kovalski Maxim Maxim Kovalski


Architect of Meaning | Craftsman of Concepts | Painter of Words

and a family chef

Ray Vella Ray Ray Vella


Data Visualizations | Informational Graphics | Visual Story Teller | Left Brain/Right Brain Thinker

Grower of trees



Business Anthropologist | Listener Extraordinaire | Change Maker | Pattern Sleuth

Loves good dogs and great food

Tany Nagy Tany Tany Nagy


PowerPoint Maverick | Architect | Storyteller | Challenge Driven| Always the Dreamer

Her head is in the clouds, but in a very good way