• What Type of Presenter Are You?

    Improve your presentation skills by knowing your Presenter Type. We’re told there is one right way to present – 3 bullets on a slide, 1 slide per minute, don’t fidget. Most people never realize their presentation skills potential, are straight-jacketed

  • 3 More Chart Mistakes

    Blame it on Excel, or perhaps a lack of time. Blame it on the template, or maybe a certain couldn’t-be-bothered attitude, there are a lot of excel chart mistakes out there, that creep into presentations and decks.  

  • It’s time for Dirty Rhetoric

    A hundred-thousand voices screaming into an electronic echo-chamber. Welcome to modern communications. Your idea must be heard, but how?

  • Mastering the Art of Expression: Breaking Bad Presentation Habits

    by Rick Enrico of SlideGenius.com for MakeaPowerfulPoint.com . Polished your presentation deck and script to a shine? Refining your body language can make a great difference, too. A study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania states that 70% of non-verbal

  • Create Great Content for a time starved world

    In the last two years 90% of the world’s data was born.¹ Information overload has morphed into infobesity and information pollution. Dealing with this glut has become so stressful, that unplugging is the new vogue for vacations. We are all time

  • Disrupt or Decay: 5 Natural Forces Shaping Brand

    I was recently honored to be hosted by fassforward Consulting Group to conduct a webcast called “Disrupt or Decay”. In the webinar, I spoke about five “natural forces” that are shaping today’s brands. These natural forces are occurring all around

  • 5 Great Excel Chart Tutorials

    For data presentation, it’s the best of times and the worst of times. The best of times because you have more information, more insight, more data to present. The worst of times because sometimes those standard bar and line charts

  • Choosing Color

    The Internet went insane a few weeks ago. Over a dress. More specifically, the color of a dress. It caused more division than a year’s worth of calculus. The color of the dress was a gestalt optical illusion. I don’t

  • Service Elite: Foundation of Customer Experience

    Most companies tell their front line to deliver a “great customer experience”, and that’s the extent of it. Verizon is going deeper, digging in to culture and operations with their Service Elite program. We began working with the team at

  • Rhetoric Made Easy

    The jingle that you can’t stop humming. The lyric bouncing around in your head. The line of dialogue that makes you gasp, laugh or cry. These words have a profound effect on us. Neuroscientists are researching why specific tunes bury

  • Pitching Elevators

    We’ve all heard of the elevator pitch. It’s probably the most important conversation you’ll ever have.* Whether you’re pitching your idea, product or company, you have to get it through to whomever you’re speaking to. And you’ve got no more

  • Being Polite Isn’t Enough

    Are “polite” conversations ruining your numbers? Yes, probably. That sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? Hear us out. The [ASU “Customer Rage”] study shows 56 million American households experienced at least one problem during the past 12 months, and about $76 billion

  • Visual Descriptions

    Einstein said that, “if you can’t explain it to a six-year old, you don’t understand it yourself.” That’s not easy. Short attention spans, limited knowledge of the subject matter, other things on their minds. That not only describes six-year olds,

  • Write Good with Hemingway App

    I write a lot, but have a love-hate relationship with my writing. There are moments when I love it, when words rush on to the page, everyone of them a gem, every thought captured and clear. Then I re-read it.