• 10 Tough Leadership Questions To Think Through

    If you’re like most leaders, you’re already frantically focused on kicking off your leadership plan. You’re also probably suffering from New Year Leadership Tunnel Vision Syndrome. One major symptom of New Year Leadership Tunnel Vision Syndrome is when leaders forge

  • How A Dashboard Changes the Conversation

    Presenting data effectively changes the kinds of conversations that can happen inside organizations. Better presentations shape an improved culture of decision-making. Let me tell you about a recent example of this. Late 2012 I got a call from an evaluation

  • NSFW: How to avoid 12 confusing ways to present data

    Numbers are the universal language, but it’s not spoken well. How you present data and information bleeds into everything you do — and it’s far reaching. Changing the daily conversation and being clearer about your point will change the culture.

  • Numbers, Guts and Culture: How data visualization changes the conversation

    Numbers have power, if you have the courage to use them powerfully. Take these two stories from opposite ends of the 20th Century.  The first story is about a man in a steel mill.  The second is about the crash

  • Blurring the lines between leadership, culture & innovation

    This post is part of our Future of Marketing program – a series of private events where top thought-leaders share their ideas and insights on helping you understand how marketing and branding change the conversations about growth, culture and customer

  • What Type of Presenter Are You?

    I believe everyone has a great idea. Some, more than one. You may have one great idea a year, or a few every day, but whether that idea lives or dies depends on how well you present it. Let me repeat

  • The Secret (hot) Sauce to Customer Experience

    Hot sauce can teach you a lot. It can teach you how to respect your limits, or how to push them. It can teach you pain management, or raise your pain tolerance. It can teach you that you like hot

  • One More Thing… Never Mind the Watch, How Was the Keynote?

    This week was big in Apple land.  Tim Cook’s keynote to announce the Apple Watch.  Let’s put aside the product punditry and how insanely great the product is, (the mainstream media, haters and fanboys will turn themselves into a tizzy over

  • Take off the TRAINING wheels. Employees don’t need them

    What separates one century from another? Progress; change; different, if mostly better, ways of doing things. Between the 20th and 21st centuries, especially, there were many notable advances. Here are some of the obvious ones below:   . 20th Century

  • How to Present Like A Boss: Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn

    “How to Present Like a Boss” is a six-part series profiling top business executives who have a knack for presenting. Throughout the series, I will break down each executive’s presenter type, and what their strengths and weaknesses are in front of

  • Turn your mission statement into MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

    Last month, I conducted a webinar on three of the most important lessons companies can learn from Ford’s epic turnaround. During that session, I got a number of great questions from the participants. One of the best was this: How important is

  • The Only 8 Ways to Start Your Presentation

    Great hooks, like McGonigal’s provocative opening statement, get audiences on the edge of their seats and give them a sense of what’s coming. They allow you to win a crowd’s attention right away and give you a legitimate chance to have a lasting impact.

  • “The British are coming.” And Other Things Revere Didn’t Say

    Listen my children and you shall hear Of the midnight ride of Paul Revere The American celebration of independence seems an appropriate time to ponder the opening line of, “Paul Revere’s Ride”. According to Longfellow, Revere raised the alarm and

  • Is PowerPoint’s Reign Over? Meet 9 Heirs to the Throne

    Last month, Microsoft Office tool PowerPoint celebrated its 24th birthday, continuing its dominant run as the unquestioned King of the Presentation World. Despite a quarter-century defined by minimal improvements and denunciation by critics, PowerPoint has surprisingly retained its seat on

  • Case Study: How Home Depot Nailed the Competition

    In the war for customers, we’ve shown you that victory depends on the customer experience a business provides. Time and time again, companies are held captive by price and product, ignoring the key battleground that is customer satisfaction, or CX.